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Personal Line of Credit

The Credit Union Line-of-Credit is a sensible part of your money management program, protecting your account and maximizing your buying power. A Line-of-Credit is an approved, ongoing credit limit that you access by simply writing a cheque or using your debit card.

You pay interest on the exact amount you borrow and only for the number of days you've used it; at rates substantially below retail credit cards.

It's ready cash when you need it for such things as travel, unforeseen expenditures or to take advantage of savings on those uniquely priced one-time bargains! The Credit Union Line-of-Credit also works as your overdraft protection avoiding unnecessary NSF fees and having cheques returned due to inadequate funds.

Personal Line-of-Credit Highlights:

  • Pre-approved, ongoing credit limit.

  • Monthly payments are 3% of credit utilized.

  • Interest is calculated on the credit utilized.

  • Payments may be made through payroll deduction.


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