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RRSP Savings Calculator

This tool allows you to estimate the growth of your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) in the years until you retire. It's a great incentive to save now!


Current RRSP Savings: (min. $100) $ 50000 dollars
Annual RRSP Contribution: $ 5000 dollars
Anticipated Annual Rate of Return: % 7.5
Number of Years to Retirement 20 years
RRSP Funds Available at Retirement $ 445,155.17 dollars

Please do not insert commas into calculator fields.

 Current RRSP Savings: (min. $100) $
 Annual RRSP Contribution: $
 Anticipated Annual Rate of Return: %
 Number of Years to Retirement: years

 RRSP Funds Available at Retirement:



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